Favorite Websites

  1. Mizutani Scissors

  2. The Cult of the Cut

  3. Sassoon Academy

  4. Synergetic Beauty Systems

  5. Hair Brained

  6. Free Salon Education

  7. Ron’s Barber Shop

  8. Sak Lai Tattoo Studio

What I like

  1. Music

  2. Fashion

  3. Street Fashion

  4. People watching

  5. Architecture

  6. Art

  7. Travel

  8. Photography

  9. Technology

  10. Scissor Collecting

  11. Toy Collecting

  12. Ted Talks

  13. Being Creative

  14. Living in the Moment


Scissor Collection


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   James Mac lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is a creative force and entrepreneurial live-wire.  With over 16 years in the hair industry, James’ professional experience ranges from stylist to educator to product representative to salon owner.  His reputation hinges on a signature style that blends his L.A. roots and classic training with inspiration from the contemporary creative culture of his adopted home. After 10+ years in the SE Asia region, James has helmed several successful partnerships with Thai and international colleagues, amassed a loyal following of clients from diverse industries, styled for publications, TV, and live shows, judged top style competitions, and developed creative branding that reflects a beat on contemporary style culture, an intuition for what’s next, and a keen ability to understand and interpret client needs.

   In his own words, “I don't see myself as a hairdresser, but as an artist who is a creative stylist. I don't think of what I do as work, but something I love to do for others to enjoy.” 

  “My philosophy, which was passed on to me by someone I hold in high esteem, is direct and simple.  I value my philosophy as the foundation of my work, which I continue to share with my clients as a stylist, salon owner and with my students, as a creative educator and salon consultant .”

“Quality is not based on time and quantity is not our goal.  It’s not about the quantity of work that we do, but rather the quality of the work we provide. Because, with quality will come quantity”

                                                                 James Mac

the Stylist - the Artist - the Educator